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      The Paper Tie Affair Blog — wedding stationery tips

      Where to Include Wax Seals

      Where to Include Wax Seals

      Wax seals have become super popular in the wedding world, and I’m not made about it! They add an old-world feel but can be combined with modern day elements.  They are one of my favorite elements in an invitation suite, and also love including them in many day-of items. Read on below for some tips on where you can add wax seals!


      Adhesive Wax Seals Vs Melting Wax Seals

      Before we get started on some fun places wax seals can be added, I’ll first explain the different types you can do. Adhesive wax seals are the most popular (and my recommendation) as they always look perfect, and are SUPER easy to use! You just peel off the backing, and pop onto the desired surface. Though, not every application can use the adhesive style. The other alternatives are a glue gun with specially created wax sticks – so you simply melt the wax with a glue gun, press the die into the wax allowing to dry, and repeat the process until complete! These look stunning (giving you a more traditional look), but are certainly time consuming.


      On the Invitation Envelope

      The invitation envelope is definitely the most traditional place to include these. Adhesive wax seals are a great option for the envelope and do not fall off when going through the postal service.


      On the Invitation Card

      My favorite place to include wax seals is within the invitation suite. Wrap a ribbon around the invitation card, and a wax seal on top to give a truly custom look! Wax seals can also be used with belly bands, or even added directly to the invitation card. Adhesive wax seals are usually the best option to use, but the glue gun wax seals may be a better alternative depending on the application. Because the adhesive could stick to the invitation card, a glue gun melted wax seal may be necessary, by using a non-stick paper to protect the invitation, which can be removed once the wax has dried.


      On Place Cards and Menus

      I love adding wax seals on the tops of place cards or menus! On menus, they provide an extra pop of texture and color to your table. On place cards, they provide more texture and a fun keepsake – which can even be used for a big seating chart display. Both place cards and menus work great with the self-adhesive versions.